Bruno Verschuere

Bruno Verschuere is an Associate Professor of Forensic Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and a research fellow at Ghent University (Belgium) and Maastricht University (The Netherlands).

His research focuses on the psychology of deception, and the mechanisms involved in the detection of deception and concealed information. His deception research has been published in high impact journals such as Psychological Science, Psychophysiology and Human Brain Mapping.
He serves as an expert-witness on lie detection.

In 2011, together with Gershon Ben-Shakhar and Ewout Meijer, he has edited the first book devoted entirely to the detection of concealed information (“Memory Detection: Theory and application of the concealed information test”, Cambridge University Press).
In 2015, his new book entitled Detecting Deception: Current challenges and cognitive approaches, edited together with Par-Anders Granhag and Aldert Vrij, will be published by Wiley.