Lie Lab UvA

The LIE LAB is led by Bruno Verschuere and hosted within the Clinical Psychology Department of the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Current Lie Lab Members

Kristina Suchotzki, PhD, Ghent University, Belgium

Evelyne Debey, PhD, Ghent University, Belgium

Bennett Kleinberg, Postgraduate student at University College London, UK

Sahra Schuppan, Undergraduate student, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Nathalie klein Selle, PhD student at University of Amsterdam and Hebrew University Jerusalem, Isreal

Former Lie Lab Members

Ernst Noordraven, now PhD student at Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Aline Fissette

Rony Halevy

Tine Wilhelm, now PhD Student at Institute of Medical Psychology and Systems Neuroscience at University of Münster, Germany

Lise Ruys, now forensic psychologist at The Army of Salvation

Peter-Paul Van Zenderen

Nikki Wortel, now forensic psychologist at Penitentiary Psychiatric Facility Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Sanne Boertien, now psychologist at Parnassia, The Netherlands

Hal Cavus, now Phd student at University of Limerick, Ireland

Jan Hootsmans

Jonathan Scheeff, postgraduate student at Tübingen University, Germany

Kalliopi Theocharidou, now Research Assistant University of Cincinnati, School of Criminal Justice, US & undergraduate student AUC, Amsterdam